“When nothing is sacred and nothing is safe, art is brave.”

Adam Martin Disbrow is a prizewinning US painter with national exposure. His work addresses issues of relationship, spirituality, sexuality, duality, beauty, relativism, nature, and dominion. His paintings involve many layers and often include symbols of Disbrow's own creation and of historical significance. Also discernible in his work are heavy textures, interpretive colors, language, and formal techniques which combine to make each painting a unique statement. His intention is to create a free space for the mind and eye to express itself honestly.

“My work is a commentary on the history and culture of man. Each piece is meant to create a dialogue with the viewer— creating a free space for the mind and eye to express itself. The human mind contains infinite possibilities for self-expression. By building my paintings in many layers of objective symbols, form, color, and texture, the viewer is able to see things in the work that I did not necessarily put there. In this way, each piece is a unique statement.

I personally thank you for taking time to view my work. If you are interested in an original painting or a possible commission, please reach out to me directly through the contact portal. I will respond promptly.”


Adam Martin Disbrow

Adam Martin Disbrow - CV

Solo Exhibitions

“UTOPIA”/Mudhouse Coffee Roasters Gallery/Charlottesville, VA/August - September, 2018

“A Portrait of Beauty”/Music Resource Center Gallery/ Charlottesville, VA/ August, 2017

“A Portrait of Beauty”/ Tin Top Gallery/ Winchester, VA/ May, 2017

“Art is Brave”/ Spring Street Boutique Gallery/ Charlottesville, VA/ January, 2016

“Small Works by Adam Disbrow”/ CitySpace Office Gallery/ Charlottesville, VA/ October, 2015 

Group Exhibitions

“Art Tour Gallery Show”/ Art Tour Gallery/ Rappahannock, VA/ November, 2019

“Art at the Mill”/ Burwell-Morgan Mill/ Millwood, VA/ May, 2019

“Art Tour Gallery Show”/ Art Tour Gallery/ Rappahannock, VA/ November, 2018 

“Art at the Mill” / Burwell-Morgan Mill/Millwood, VA/ Sept. - Oct. 2017

“Art at the Mill”/ Burwell-Morgan Mill/ Millwood, VA/ April - May, 2017

“Art at the Mill”/ Burwell-Morgan Mill/ Millwood, VA/ October, 2016

“Art in the City”/ CitySpace Gallery/ Charlottesville, VA/ April, 2016

“Untitled”/ Alexander Salazar Fine Art/ San Diego, CA/ July - August, 2014


“All Media Show”/ Artworks Gallery/ Richmond, VA/ June, 2017

-- Winner, First Prize

“Tom Tom Founders Festival Art Contest”/ Tom Tom Founders Festival/ Charlottesville, VA/ March, 2016

-- Finalist


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Sperryville Artist Cooperative/ Sperryville, VA/ 2019

Sperryville Artist Cooperative/ Sperryville, VA/ 2018

Sperryville Artist Cooperative/ Sperryville, VA/ 2017

Sperryville Artist Cooperative/ Sperryville, VA/ 2016

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Single Square with Line Through - A building block of creation, a fractal, or a quanta. Examples being the atom or a photon

Barbed Wire - Symbolizes how the soul is caged inside the body

Four Crosses - The four of the nine greek muses devoted to dialect and language (the arts)

Wagging Tongue (Tongue on a String) - Represents the conversational aspect of the natural world

The Crown - Symbolizes Legacy

Forks and Spoons - Mined from the evolution of expressionist symbols used by Edvard Munch and Jasper Johns, the forks and spoons in Disbrow’s work represent tactile sensation, pleasure, and taste

Equation of Creation - One over Ten Equaling Eleven: the binary code of created reality

Fountain of Creation - Represents the spiraling gyre of the cosmos

Gold Single Square with Line Through - The quanta of consciousness or the Soul

Multiple Squares with Line through - Indicates how consciousness is tied to reality through perspective

Three Jagged Lines - Represents an electromagnetic field

The Heart - Symbolizes human life, death, mortality, immortality, and organic form. The red heart represents mortality, the white heart represents immortality, the black heart represents death

The Bare Breast - Symbolizes sexuality, lust, desire, and sensationalism

Binary Sequence - Reference to created reality

Cogs of Creation - Three circles which are turning and represent a form of the trinity: Mind, Body, Soul - Father, Son, Holy Spirit - Metaphysical, Physical and Celestial